The Connected Past is a community led by a multi-disciplinary international steering committee. It aims to provide discussion platforms for the development of original and critical applications of network and complexity approaches to archaeology and history. To this purpose The Connected Past organises international conferences, focused seminars and practical didactic workshops.

Conference and Workshop in September 2014, London (to be announced soon)
Conference in April 2014, Paris
SNA workshop in September 2013, Southampton
Hestia2 Seminar July 2013, Southampton
Session at SAA April 2013, Honolulu
Conference in March 2012, Southampton
Session at TAG December 2011, Birmingham

The Connected Past is sponsored by:
The Classical Association
DYREM research programme
French network of historical network analysis
Oxford University Press
Sciences-Po Paris
University of Southampton USRG Complexity in Real-world Contexts
University of Southampton, Archaeological Computing Research Group
University of Southampton Web Science DTC
University of Southampton Faculty of Humanities
University of Southampton Digital Humanities